Grandma & Whiskey

It’s your first time in a Swedish country kitchen.

The sun is shining through an open window, the other kids are calling, but mormor has just lifted you on a chair and is showing you how to stir the lingonberry – gently, yes, so that the berries won’t break, but firmly, so that they won’t stick to the bottom of the pot.

The iron stove is busy – pans hissing, casseroles bubbling. Simple things mixed with love & care will soon

turn into a savory pyttipanna, a fantastic chanterelle soup, a delicious blueberry cake.

You feel dizzy, your senses overwhelmed. You can’t help it, you have fallen in love. With cooking.

Bright twinflowers light up the room.
Fresh saffron buns lie in a basket by the table. Mormor is spreading out her crisp, snow-white linen.

A knock on the door, laughter, familiar voices.
The guests have arrived. Time to enjoy all the good work. Time to party.

Welcome to Kalaset,
the Swedish corner in the heart of Copenhagen