Grandma & Whiskey

I opened Kalaset out of love.
For the love of cooking food and eating it,
of making coffee and drinking it,
of a good whisky, beautiful music, and old soul-filled furniture.

Of all the small happenings in everyday life,
the random encounters that make your day
or change your life.

Of all the beautiful stories that are told, heard and born in a bar.

And out of love for my grandmother,
the everyday kitchen knight I studied for hours in my childhood.
She’d run around her kitchen with curlers in her hair, fluffy slippers on her feet and
concentration in her eyes. Half an hour before the guests arrived, she seemed to have caused
such chaos in the kitchen that it was impossible to find a clear surface to put the Sunday steak,
hjortrongélen, kuvertbröden, hasselbackspotatisen and the meringue.

And yet, when the doorbell rang, she’d open the door in her best dress, without a hair out of
place and the sweetest look of welcome on her face. The kitchen was spotless, the table set, with
candles lit, and even today I can’t work out how she did it.

❃ ❉ ✴

– Caroline